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Cynthia Classen

Cynthia has worked with a national and international client base. The principals of good design — simplicity, clarity, aesthetics, all inform her work. This includes graphic design, art direction and photography. One of Cynthia’s passions is culinary in nature — the design and presentation of food, with a focus on wholesome, farm-to-fork dishes and all the associated ingredients. Tracing our food back to the source, all the way to the bees that pollinate and the soil that nourishes, gives her an opportunity to illustrate how we are connected to the environment. Cynthia lives and works in Portland, Oregon with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and three chickens.

At Classen Design, LLC we strive to create simple, beautiful solutions to your design problems. 

Print design services include, but are not limited to, identity systems, logos, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, photography, illustration. 

With over 30 years of design, art direction and photography experience, Cynthia brings her creative flair and an eye for detail to each and every project, large or small. 

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